About Me

In my younger years, I managed my weight with compulsive behaviors that I now know would have qualified me for the label “bulimic.” When I found out I was pregnant with my first child in 2001, I gave up the diet pills and laxatives instantly.

I ended up on bed rest for seven months and gained close to 100 pounds during that pregnancy. I have struggled with my weight since then.

I thought it was a lost cause until I discovered intermittent fasting.

The pictures shown at the top of this page are my first intermittent fasting results photos. While some would say I still have a lot of weight to lose in that after photo, I’m incredibly proud of that picture. It was taken after I lost 40 pounds through intermittent fasting alone.

It represents weight loss achieved without diet pills, laxatives, harsh food restrictions, or excessive hours of exercise.

That after photo proved to me that intermittent fasting works. It proved to me that intermittent fasting works for women over 40 and women with a history of eating disorders and even women struggling to overcome binge eating. It represents a lifestyle change that I believe has added years to my life.


What I Am Not


I’m not a doctor. I’m not a health and fitness coach. I’m not a guru, a teacher, or marketer pushing an expensive weight loss program or system.

I recommend everyone reading my content discuss these ideas and healthy weight loss methods with medical professionals they trust. I can only testify to my personal experience and the research I have spent years uncovering and reading. I don’t know you personally, and I’m not a medical professional, so I cannot tell you what is safe, healthy, or best for your health and wellness.


Who I Am


I am a strong supporter of intermittent fasting as a lifestyle because I have personally experienced the physical transformation that occurs when fasting is implemented consistently and safely.

I am a recovering bulimic who still cannot walk down certain aisles at the grocery store without disordered thinking and shameful temptation.

I’m not sure that old way of thinking will ever completely leave me, but with intermittent fasting, I know I have greater control over those thoughts than ever before. I now know that there are ways to manage my weight without destroying other elements of my health.

I am an emotional eater with the compulsion to binge. While controlling my binge eating disorder is much easier with intermittent fasting, I admit that it’s still a problem I struggle with to this day. You’ll definitely hear about it a time or two here in my intermittent fasting journal.


Why Follow My Intermittent Fasting Journal?


I created this website for two reasons:

1. To keep myself accountable. I’ve been struggling with intermittent fasting and many other areas of my life during lockdown for COVID-19. I decided to create this site as a way to share my journey with others while requiring myself to do what’s best for my health.

2. To share intermittent fasting with other people struggling with obesity, binge eating, food addiction, and other eating disorders. I believe fasting is the most healing, natural thing you can do for your body, but I acknowledge it’s not for everyone. I hope to reach other people who can benefit from learning about intermittent fasting.

Thanks for Reading,

Theresa Hammond